Yesterday, a young woman made headlines when a video of her bashing a helpless senior citizen‘s car was caught on camera and released to the interwebs. As uploaded by Facebook user Jessica Qi, the woman is seen diarrhoea-vomiting insults and hurling racist remarks at a senior citizen following what looks like a minor car accident. Despite the old man repeatedly pleading that he hadn’t intended to hit her car on purpose, the woman continued to yell at him, and even “deployed” her steering wheel lock at his car.

If you haven’t seen the video, that has since gone viral and re-uploaded on various channels (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), here:


And in less than 24 hours, many news outlets have posted up versions of the story while netizens worked hard at leaving less-than-happy comments with regards to the video. Some called her a disgrace to her race while others chided her for giving women drivers and Malaysians a bad name. The #CDM25 (and not #CCM25) hashtag trended on Twitter the whole of last night both locally and worldwide. The #CDM25 activities are still ongoing as we speak.

The son of the poor senior citizen also took to Facebook to defend his father and give his “two cents” on the matter. He shared Jessica Qi’s video and commented:

Robin Sim

Not only has the video garnered thousands of negative response, netizens have also switched on their investigative journalism instincts to find out who this owner of the white Peugeot with the number plate CDM 25 is. Of course, with the power of social media, it didn’t take netizens long to narrow it all down to a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account.

Just to give you an idea of how fast netizens linked it all together and made sense of everything:

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

With those discoveries, it took netizens almost no time to leave nasty comments all over Kiki Kamaruddin’s social media platforms, leaving none unturned.

Like so:

Source: Kiki Kamaruddin's Instagram
Source: Kiki Kamaruddin’s Instagram

Two hours ago, a member of the local interwebs took the liberty to start up a spoof Facebook page “dedicated” to Kiki Kamaruddin, with funny posts and status updates. Or at least we think it’s a spoof account because of the cover photo of choice.


Needless to say, Kiki Kamaruddin is Malaysia’s latest “public enemy #1” for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean that some Malaysians can’t find humour in the situation judging from the amount of #CDM25 and Kiki Kamaruddin memes that have since mushroomed all over the place, with most of them poking fun at her steering wheel lock and the RM2,000 that she repeatedly demanded from the senior citizen:

The #CDM25 driver has yet to make a public apology though but what do you guys think? Did she deserve to be named and shamed in such a manner?


She has since made an apology via her Facebook page. Here:

Kiki Kamaruddin Apology

The senior citizen, Sim Siak Heong has stepped forward to say his pieceThe 68-year-old former medical assistant said that despite being traumatised by the incident, he and his wife had decided not to pursue the matter.

He also confirmed that the woman and her father had apologised to him.

Sim Siak Heong CDM25

He had promised both father and daughter that he would not lodge a police report over the incident nor would he pursue criminal charges.

Meanwhile, word on the street aka via’s forum is that Kiki Kamaruddin wasn’t the person driving the car although the car is registered under her name. Were netizens too quick to judge and inaccurately named and shamed her instead of her younger sister?

Sound off in the comments!

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