A freelance photographer was fined RM1,000 and by default a month jail by a Magistrate’s Court Monday for illegally climbing a tower at Brickfields here end of last month. Magistrate Nur Azura Murah fined Keow Wee Loong after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

26-year-old Keow was charged with trespassing 1 Sentrum Tower at KL Sentral here on 29th June by climbing outside of the building without permission at Level 32 of the building. In the 3pm incident, Keow was wearing a pair of sandals, T-shirt, black shorts with his face covered with a handkerchief, carrying a blue color sling bag and a camera.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Upon reaching the roof, he waved Malaysian flag before he was nabbed by the police.


Watch the video here:

He was charged under Section 447 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum of 6 months’ imprisonment or a maximum of RM3,000 fine or both, if convicted.

In asking for a lower sentence, Keow’s counsel Latheefa Koya said her client was a freelance photographer and did not have steady income. She urged the court to impose a minimum fine and not to send Keow to prison. Keow paid the fine.

In our opinion? That was a crazy stunt! We sure are glad that Keow Wee Loong got nabbed instead of, well, worse things. Because in this picture, nobody would’ve survived a fall from that high up:

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook


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