Sure, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is over, but it hasn’t pulled the brakes for some trends and strange findings.

There was a flurry of excitement on Twitter this morning not just because #GER bagged the World Cup 2014 trophy during the #GERvARG final, but also because a Twitter account called, “FIFA Corruption” (@FifNdhs) seemingly predicted the end result of the World Cup final hours ahead of time. The account even went into describing the defining moment in the final match, where German midfielder Mario Goetze scored the game’s only goal in the 113th minute aka “ET” aka “extra time”.


Needless to say, “FIFA Corruption” gained thousands of followers, as many as over 42,000 followers, since Goetza’s goal. About 14 hours before the final started, it posted a number of tweets which seemed to predict the correct outcome. Word for word, play by play.


What? How?

It has been debunked, peeps, and it took almost no time for Twitter user Suresh Nakhua to tweet the following evidence of its falsity. As follows:


The account actually tweeted every possible scenario ahead of time, then retrospectively deleted all of the incorrect ones. Luckily, Suresh Nakhua managed to screenshot a bunch of the tweets before they were purged.

Nice try, fake Twitter account. We almost fell for it. Just like how we almost fell for this other hoax.


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