There was no greater way to mark the end of an epic World Cup than to have Germany lift the Trophy. Some might argue that Argentina, known to play with heart and flair, deserved the win but the fact is that both countries went into the World Cup final this morning with all that they have. As with any sports championships of any sort, it’s always a war between titans (read: #1 teams/countries) and the end result just proves which team or country is better. It certainly doesn’t mean that the #2 or #3 are bad per se.

But first, before the final climax, Colombian songstress Shakira headlined the closing ceremony, opening her performance of “La La La” with Carlinhos Brown. She was at the centre of a campaign to instill her new song as the official anthem of Brazil, and not the Pitbull (those pants), J.Lo, and Claudia Leitte one. Other performers included Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana, Alexandre Pires, and Ivete Sangalo. Much to fans’ delight, of course.

As for the deciding 2014 World Cup in Brazil game, for the 4th time in history, #GER bagged the #1 title after overcoming #ARG 1-0, courtesy of a stunning extra-time goal by “Super Mario” aka the 22-year-old attacking midfielder Mario Goetze. The sub managed to settle a tie (at the 113th minute) that lasted from the first minute until the last despite the circumstances, pressure, and surroundings.

Left with scarily little time, #ARG found themselves unable to respond.

Source: FIFA World Cup website
Source: FIFA World Cup website

#GER’s win added another star to their crest, with three others from their previous wins in 1954, 1974, and 1990.

And the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil glories didn’t end there.

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Best Young Player Award

Source: AP
Source: AP

21-year-old Paul Pogba is no stranger to Juventus fans. The dynamic young midfielder played a huge part in France’s run to the quarterfinals and for his efforts, he bagged the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil’s Best Young Player accolade. The boy beat out Holland’s Memphis Depay and fellow Frenchman Raphael Varane for the award.


2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Golden Boot Award (Top Scorer)

Source: bleacherreport
Source: bleacherreport

Although his country was ousted in the quarterfinals, Colombian striker James Rodriguez proved worthy of the Golden Boot award, having scored 6 goals throughout the entire World Cup. At 23 years old, he beat Germany’s Thomas Miller (who has five goals) followed by Lionel Messi (who had four).

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Golden Glove Award (Best Goalkeeper)

Source: FIFA
Source: FIFA

German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer earned the Golden Glove award after posting a clean sheet in the final. It’s self explanatory, really. He single-handedly beat Argentina’s Sergio Romero and Costa Rica’s Keylor Navac to the chase. An award well earned for the winning country’s integral part of the team.

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Golden Ball Award (Best Player)

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

Millions of #ARG fans around the world watched the 2014 World Cup in Brazil final hoping to witness Lionel Messi assist his countrymen to their 3rd World Cup win. Despite Argentina not taking home the trophy this time around, this was the Messiah‘s chance to put himself on par with his idol, retired Argentine footballer, Diego Maradona. Messi beat Germany’s Thomas Müller to the chase.

And with that, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is officially over. Relive some of our #WorldCup memories here:

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So, what will you miss most from the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Sound off in the comments!

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