This might not be the first time we’ve heard a Britney Spears track without any auto-tune enhancement, but it doesn’t mean it makes us cringe any less this time around.

On 2nd July, the unedited vocal version of Spears’ track “Alien”, off of her most recent album, “Britney Jean”, leaked. The cut, which can be heard below, features Spears without any vocal effects, and reportedly gives viewers a glimpse at her “real” voice. As the leak picked up steam, which led to track producer William Orbit posting a statement on Facebook explaining:

William Orbit Britney Spears
Source: William Orbit’s Facebook page

Netizens who have heard the auto-tune-less version have gone on to bash Britney Spears, with some saying really harsh things like, “I knew she couldn’t sing! She sounds like my cat dying!” and “Seriously?? And people still call her a singer? PUHLEASE”.


However, because of that leaked studio session controversy, Britney is now trending on the Billboard Twitter Realtime Charts. According to Billboard, The song charted on the Trending 140 at #10 yesterday  morning, 10th July at 11am from conversation surrounding the video clip. By 12pm (ET), “Alien” had risen to all the way to #2. Wow?

Listen to the track below and decide for yourself whether this is a warm-up or the real deal:

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