Taiwan singer-actor Wang Lee Hom announced Thursday on his micro blog that his wife had given birth to a baby girl, reported Taiwan media.

“The little life that I’ve been waiting for all this time has come to report early. Mother and daughter are well. Thank you everyone for your well wishes!” said Wang in his micro blog post.

The singer’s management agency said the baby apparently arrived a month early, and that Wang’s wife Lee Jing Lei was already five months pregnant when he announced that she was with child in May. Lee Hom, who was with his wife throughout the delivery, accompanied his post with a photo of his child’s little feet:

Source: Lee Hom's Weibo
Source: Lee Hom’s Weibo

“It seems there is actually love at first sight in this world! Ever since I was young, I had hoped to have a child of my own. Today, I’ve finally fulfilled that dream,” Lee Hom told Taiwan media.

What’s her name, you ask? The little bundle of joy have been named Wang Jia Li. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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