Oh dear what’s happening to poor Robin Thicke?

After the international success of “Blurred Lines”, news about his new album, “Paula”, doesn’t sound very enticing. At all. Not only has “Paula” only managed to sell 530 copies in its first week of release in the UK, the poor sales figures have continued with the news that it only sold less than 54 copies in Australia.

Wait, what?


Robin Thicke Paula

“Paula” has also failed to make the ARIA Top 500 in Australia and while there are no official sales figures for the album, the Blondie compilation at Number 500 in the chart sold 54 copies to achieve its position. This means Thicke’s album must have sold less than that figure to fall short of the chart placing.

If you didn’t know, “Paula” is named after Robin Thicke’s estranged wife, actress Paula Patton. The album includes the song, “Get Her Back”, which was debuted at the Billboard Music Awards in May and is thought to be about Patton. Other tracks on the album include not-so-subtle references to the break-up, including “Still Madly Crazy”, “Love Can Grow Back”, and “Too Little Too Late”.

Robin Thicke Paula
Source: people

The singer announced that he and Patton would be separating at the end of February, following 9 years of marriage. It was speculated that the breakdown of the relationship was the result of him being pictured in “compromising situations” with other women, though neither party has commented on the reasons for the split.

And all this is coming from the same person who bombed the charts with his breakthrough single, “Blurred Lines”. We feel sorry for him, really. Does he need a..hug?


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