Clearly, everyone have been craving for the wine as seen in the “Game of Thrones” and now our craving will soon be satisfied with the release of “Wine of Westeros”!

Wine of Westeros

Wine of Westeros, an unofficial collection of wine inspired by HBO hit TV series “Game of Thrones” is created by an Australian advertising company Common Ventures. The company adopted a minimalist approach to design the wine collection even though it is just their side project.


What do they have to say about these wine bottles? Well, just a piece of advice before you drink them:

A mind needs wine as a sword needs a whetstone. Whether it’s a bottle from beyond the wall or a case from the cellars of the Iron Bank, keep your mind fit for the death of summer with the lion’s share of vino. Have a wench fetch a goblet, reject all wedding invitations and settle down for a long, harsh winter.

12 houses. 12 temptations. Where does your loyalty lie?

From the Starks to the Targaryens to the Lannisters, the company have created 12 different wine bottles, each based on different house from Westeros.

So, how do you think they’ll taste? That’s for you to find out as you can now pre-order the wine bottle from the site. And of course we are so putting this into the list of things we can do until S5 premieres!

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