Oh, we remember a time when Elizabeth Tan was just someone we’ve (literally) “heard of” in passing on YouTube. Little did we know that in less than half a year, Elizabeth would go from aspiring singer-songwriter to performing live on radio with Joe Flizzow (for “Havoc”) and more recently, opening for talented international YouTubers, Sam and Kurt. If that’s not mind-blowingly successful enough for you, it has also been announced that she’ll be one of the local acts for Good Vibes Fest 2014! Talk about taking it to the big stage.

Last Friday, we rang her up for a quick chat, to which she happily obliged! Here’s what went down:

Hi Elizabeth! Where are you right now and what are you up to?


“Hi, Hype Malaysia! Well, actually, I’m at a restaurant right now (laughs). But you’re fine, you’re fine.”

For those of us who are not in the know, tell us, what do was your first experience with music like?

“I grew up singing because I sing at church and my whole family sings. The first time I’ve ever recorded anything was for a family album and because I was only four years old, I could barely read (laughs) so..they had to draw pictures for me. I couldn’t read words.”

Source: Elizabeth Tan's Facebook page
Source: Elizabeth Tan’s Facebook page

Growing up, who were your musical idols or inspirations?

“Growing up..definitely my brother. He’s a great singer and he actually ended up in the top 4 for the first Malaysian Idol although he didn’t want to continue after that. But definitely him. Also, people like John Mayer because my siblings would play his music a lot at home.”

If you could collaborate with anyone on a song, dead or alive, who would you collaborate with?

“Ooohh..wow..! I’d have to say Yuna? I love her. And this band called..oh I don’t know. Dead or alive hmm..this is a hard question! Oh wait, John Mayer..definitely John Mayer.”

What was your most memorable event to date?


“I think opening for Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider. It was really good and the crowd was great because it was a very YouTube crowd so they were really responsive.”

That’s awesome! Has there been any songs in particular that were difficult for you to sing?

“My vocal range is actually very small so when I pick songs, I usually pick those that suit my range. But the tip is to usually pick songs that are in my own key. When I cover songs though, I kind of jazz it up a bit because I love jazz and I love bossanova. I wouldn’t say that that’s my signature style, not just yet, but I love jazzing up my covers.”

Okay, we gotta, ask, do you have a boyfriend or not? And if not, what would be your ideal guy?

“No, no, I’m single (laughs). My ideal guy, well, he definitely has to be taller than me because I’m pretty tall for a Malaysian girl! And..he just has to have a very, very nice character and personality. That’s very important to me. He doesn’t need to know how to sing (laughs).”

Last but not least, what can your fans expect from your gig at Good Vibes Fest 2014?

“Nothing that you can find on my YouTube because I’ll be performing with a full band and I’ve new songs! I’d just say..expect the unexpected because I’m not sure what to expect myself (laughs).It’s going to be fun!”

Isn’t she the cutest? Thank you so much for the quick catch up, Eizabeth! Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch you perform at Good Vibes Fest 2014 come August.

Good Vibes Festival 2014 Official Poster

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