Yesterday, our Department of Motor Vehicles (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia) posted up a guidelines poster of the proper specifications for registration plate numbers. The poster’s pretty straightforward as it lists down the exact arrangements for alphabets and numbers, proper display, as well as permitted sizes and colour combinations.

They’ve also taken the liberty to throw in some registration number plate samples according to our Malaysian states such as Pulau Pinang, Negeri Sembilan, and Melaka. However, upon closer scrutiny, and we’re not sure if this was overlooked or an intentional error, the registration number plates that the graphic designer picked out as samples were quite..cheeky, to say the least.

See if you spot the “boo boo”s:

Source: JPJ's Facebook page
Source: JPJ’s Facebook page

“PENIS”, “NABI”, and “MAFIA”? Sure, these number plates probably do exist and are in use in real life but to use them as samples in the guidelines? Hmm.

Having said that, motorists who fail to follow the guidelines can face a fine of (not exceeding) RM300 under Section 14(1) of the Transportation Act 1987. Good to know that we can for some reason get away with cheeky registration number plates though, huh?


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