It looks like we’ve got to be a little bit more patient now as the director of “The Hobbit” Peter Jackson just debunked the rumour of the release date of the trailer for “The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies”.

Previously, it was rumoured that it is set for a 20th July release after the San Diego Comic-Con. Since the release date of the trailer was not confirmed, Peter Jackson posted an update on his Facebook:

Thank you all for your responses to my posting about Lorri and Damien’s book. Of course, many of you asked about the Hobbit Trailer. So, yes – there will be a Hobbit Trailer. But like the previous two years, it’s not going to be released until around Oct. The complex VFX work required to produce the battle shots we’re all wanting to see are simply not far enough along yet.


However … yesterday I finished work on a Teaser Trailer and that has just been delivered to Warner Bros. So no doubt this Teaser Trailer will be making it’s way into the world sometime soon…

According to The One Ring Net, an insider source revealed that the teaser trailer of the film only contains four spoken phrases. Considering the fact that the previous teaser trailers were only 2 minutes long respectively, the trailer for the final instalment of “The Hobbit” trilogy is expected to have the similar teaser length too.

October is not too far away from us now so just hang in there everyone!

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