It’s almost that time of the year again! With all the returning shows and premiere screening of new movies or TV series at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), who wouldn’t be psyched about them? But that’s not the only reason why we want to be there.

Ever heard of Funko the toy company? Allow us to introduce you the Funko toys you absolutely need to get if you are going to SDCC!

From Hannibal to Firefly and even Spongebob SquarePants, Funko will be releasing exclusive POP! vinyl figures based off today’s most popular pop culture icons. The company has brought 57 different exclusives to SDCC last year but now they have prepared 86 exclusives and they will slowly reveal each of the exclusives on their social media sites. Oh what a tease.


Adventure Time Pop Vinyl Figure

But how can you get them?

Well, only if you are going to be attending the 2014 SDCC then you can pre-order all of them ahead of time. The price of the pre-buy exclusives is $1000, with a savings of $200 if you were to purchase them separately. It was reported that the pre-order exclusives have already sold out due to its immense popularity.

Want to get them but can’t go to SDCC, like us?

You can try and win them as Funko is currently doing a giveaway for the exclusives on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now!

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