Yes, the withdrawal symptoms are real, whether or not you want to admit it. There are people in the world who have been struggling with accepting the season finale of “Game of Thrones” and they would watch the series over, and over, and over again until S5 premieres. But of course, there are other people, like us, who were doing pretty good so far..until we saw these! We were blown away to learn that “Game of Thrones” have so much that there has a series of memes, parody videos, apps and even a wedding theme.

Yes. Wedding.

If you are still struggling with the season finale of “Game of Thrones”, here are some things to check out instead of binge-watching the entire season of “Game of Thrones” again.


1. Have a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding

Game of Thrones Wedding

No, we’re not asking you to get married NOW. We’re just simply implying that it’d be a fun theme to play around with if you are planning to do a birthday party or wedding party like what this couple did.

The pair had a lavish “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding party at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. With the help of 12 other members of the wedding party, the couple took over 50 hours to transform into GoT characters. We know there has been a theory about the Jon/Daenerys romance in the GoT fan community but since nothing has been confirmed yet, why not make it happen in your own universe anyway?

2. #BringDownTheKing

Oh yes! This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for! Just #BringDownTheKing!

To celebrate the S4 premiere in New Zealand, SkyTV and Soho have invited fans worldwide to bring down a 7m statue of King Joffrey at NZ’s largest public square. By using the power of social media, a winch to bring the statue down was activated each time the hashtag #bringdowntheking was used on Twitter. The whole campaign took 5 days to complete with thousands of fans gathered at the square to witness the statue being brought down after 875,000 direct Twitter interactions. It eventually ended with a global reach of 66 million people.

3.  The Pugs of Westeros


If you have a dog, that’s great. You’re a hoplessly obsessed fan of “Game of Thrones”, that’s even better. Because you can totally play dress up like “The Pugs of Westeros”! No, not you, of course. We meant your dog.

These pugs totally rocked the GoT characters’ getups. Just look at their sad sappy facial expressions! But maybe we should exclude Daenerys here as a pug because she should be a dragon or something. If you know what we mean.

4. Visit the “Game of Thrones” exhibition

Iron Thrones Game of Thrones exhibitio

Ever wish you could sit on the Iron Throne that almost every kingdom is fighting for? It’s not entirely impossibly as a GoT exhibition has been travelling to several cities in Europe and the Americas.

From Ygritte’s polar outfit to Brienne of Tarth’s suit of armour, visitors can expect to see the replica Iron Throne and 99 other artefacts during the exhibition. The exhibition also features a 4D virtual reality experience, using Oculus Rift goggles, that allows visitors to experience the virtual ride up “The Wall”. As of now, the exhibition is making a stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney until 5th of July. (Source)

5. Download Yo, Hodor app (only available on iTunes store)

Hodor app

Step aside “Yo”, it’s time for “Hodor”!

Instead of a “Yo” to your friend, virtually shouting “Hodor!” could just the new “in” way for you to communicate with or annoy all your friends! The creator Tyler Hendrick made the “Yo, Hodor” app as a little side project for himself before turning it into an official App store download. Because the app uses references from HBO and”Yo”, the creator had some concerns that both HBO and Yo might sue. So it’s better to download the app now and enjoy “Hodor”-ing around until you can’t “Hodor” anymore!

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