After releasing their second album ‘Pink Tape’ last year, K-Pop girl group f(x) is announcing their comeback with new teaser images for their upcoming album “Red Light”!

Since their debut in 2009, the girls have always been known for their electric pop songs and unique concept for their albums. The first teaser image features f(x)’s youngest member Krystal staring into the camera with cross necklace on top of her newly dyed blonde hair. As compared to their previous album’s concept, it seems like their new album has transitioned from psychedelic hipster vibe to a dark 9os grunge style with Krystal’s smoky eyes and dark lips in the teaser image.

If there’s one thing that we can’t wait to see from f(x) again, it would be their hipster art film. Last year, the group surprised us with a teaser video that was shot beautifully in the “art film” style. The video featured various individual shots of the members and has a slightly creepy yet cute vibe with the song “Shadow”.


Few hours after the first teaser image was released, f(x) released more pictures of Krystal in a Facebook photo album titled “f(Krystal) – ‘Red Light’ Teaser Images”. It was reported that the group is set to release their 3rd full album on July 7 after their first comeback performance at ‘M! Countdown’ on July 3.

UPDATE: 28th June 2014 – f(Sulli)

UPDATE: 29th June 2014 – f(Victoria)

 UPDATE: 30th June 2014 – f(Luna)

UPDATE: 1st July 2014 – f(Amber)

For more information, check out their Facebook page and stay tuned for the updates!

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