When it comes to the biggest and most prestigious football competition in the world, World Cup gathers all the finest soccer teams to compete against each other. This year, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil has brought quite a few surprises in just two weeks and we had the chance to witness some of the best World Cup moments from the triumphant ones to the emotional ones, and even some plain ridiculous moments.

We gotta admit that the Suarez biting incident has just become one of the best World Cup moments in history. But that’s not all. Some of the football players and football fans proved that they have their own “quirks” too and so..we’ve gathered the funniest moments we have seen from 2014 FIFA World Cup so far.

1. Grass eating celebration

Ivory Coaat goalkeeper Boubacar Barry eating grass

While Suarez is addicted in biting his opponents, Ivory Coast goalkeeper Boubacar Barry decided that eating grass was the better way to celebrate a goal. Umm, is it time to ban players from biting or eating anything on the field now?

2. Pants swap

Ivan Rakitic Stephane Mbia shirt swap

While some of the football players have their rituals for a good game, the exchanging of shirt swap has always been a tradition in football and it’s practised at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. However, the former Sevilla team-mates Ivan Rakitic and Stephane Mbia decided that they wanted more than just shirts and exchanged their shorts as well at the end of the Crotia v Cameroon match.

3. Photobomb

Clint Dempsey Photobomb

Clearly, photobombing would’ve been the most epic way to appear in someone else’s photo. When the US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann was taking picture with the local police in Brazil, striker Clint Dempsey pulled off a hilarious “Benedict Cumberbatch” style photobomb behind his coach. Nice.

4. Priceless Elimination

England fans priceless elimination

It’s any football fan’s dream to make a trip to the World Cup to support their favourite team. But what they didn’t expect was the elimination of the team before they can even witness the match. These funny England fans decided to turn their frustrations into a laughable matter. Priceless indeed, guys.


5. Football fanatic husbands

Husbands fishing West Wales

“Please do not film us, our wives think we are fishing in West Wales”. Thanks to their huge banner, these guys still had their few seconds’ worth of fame on TV. Risky, but we hope none of them got caught and ended up having to sleep on the couch or worse, outside the house.

6. Referee’s handshake

Now, this is absolutely the cool way to handle the embarrassment when someone denies you a handshake. At least this move was proven to be quite effective for the World Cup 2014 referee Joe Fletcher who had a major handshake fail with a FIFA official. Trolled, much?

7. Referee’s magic spray

Referee Solis sprays Andres Guardado and Jose Vazquez boots

To prevent the players from stepping over the imaginary line during free kick, a referee had to use the magic vanishing spray to draw the line. And because of that, referee Solis has shown no mercy to stubborn Mexican players Andres Guardado’s and Jose Vazquez as he sprayed on their boots when they were asked to move a little further back.

8. Messi’s handshake

Lionel Messie little boy handshake

When the Argentina player Lionel Messi showed up before going into the field, a young boy walked out from his queue and went up to ask for a handshake. Perhaps Messi did not see that young boy who went up to him but he accidentally snubbed that young boy in a handshake line. Just look at his hand hanging in the air, it’s pretty heartbreaking yet hilarious at the same time. Boy, time to take cues from Fletcher!

We are pretty sure that there are more funny World Cup moments coming our way but for now make sure you check out some other funny moments during World Cup’s opening ceremony and funniest names in football history!

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