As expected, following the announcement of young DJ/producer Zedd’s upcoming album, there’d be surprises in tow. We say this because while he has revealed that the new album is about 80% done, he didn’t exactly disclose his collaborations. And if you know Zedd well enough, you’d know that he has a way of picking out the most un-mainstream people to work with.

Until Ariana Grande spilled the beans, that is.


The announcement came after she snapped photos of herself all dressed up like a 60s sex bomb ala Jane Fonda while hinting at a possible new music video. She also dropped hints on Twitter about wanting “Break Free” to be her next single and that fans will hear it “sooner than u think”.

And apparently, a 10-day countdown is already in the works:

Source: Ariana Grande's Twitter
Source: Ariana Grande’s Twitter

In an interview with Billboard, Zedd openly praised her “unique” and “special” voice saying, “Ariana Grande’s voice is super-recognisable, it has a unique texture, and really, that’s all I’m looking for in a singer, is to have a voice that is really special and different from other voices you hear every day.”

20-year-old Ariana Grande has already achieved record-breaking success for her current single (which features Iggy Azalea), “Problem”. As of now, it’s her highest-charting single and it currently sits at number two on Billboard’s Hot 100. Watch the video here:


The highly anticipated wait for Zedd and Ariana Grande’s single together comes to an end as it is finally here! Grande’s strong vocals and Zedd’s sound go hand in hand on their latest single. “Break Free” is probably the furthest Zedd has gone into the pop genre but it surely has a radio crossover appeal, making it a win-win situation for both Grande and Zedd.

Check out “Break Free” here!


Doing what he does best — creating chart topping hits featuring brilliant female artists, we believe that “Break Free” by Zedd and Ariana Grande is set to be a chart topper too! What say you?

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