Calling all visual and art enthusiasts! We’ve discovered a new inspiration hub for you and it is possibly the most artistic spot we have ever seen in Selangor! Allow us to introduce you one of the most creative art streets in Malaysia, Laman Seni 7 (Art Site 7)! 

Street art is slowly becoming a positive trend here in Malaysia as more and more street arts and 3D paintings can be seen in the malls or on the streets. Although the one with the longest history is the graffiti street between Chinatown and Masjid Jamek, it failed to become a tourist spot as it was located beside a river. However, ever since the young Lithuania-born artist Ernest Zacharevic made headlines with his mural art in Malaysia, KL’s art scene is slowly gaining the much needed exposure and thus, encouraged the youth’s creative movement.

Bas Mini GOT7
Bas Mini Mural Art at Art Site 2, Section2. This is the same bus spotted on K-Pop boy group GOT7’s teaser image.

Since 2013, Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has been running the clean zone programme and courageously developing back alleys. One of the boldest yet most creative moves they’ve made was by transforming the Prima Dua food court (behind the the business park) in Section 2 into a total art site.


The art project is a collaboration between MBSA, Bank Muamalat and UiTM students and it is known as “THE STREET ART PROJECT NO 0.2 (Laman Seni 2)”. The art site exhibited a number of art projects by UiTM students and the site has received nothing but praises from visitors for its brilliant creativity.

Shah Alam Mayor Art Site 7
Shah Alam Mayor posing at one of the art installations at Art Site 7 #lorongbelakang

Continued from Laman Seni 2, MBSA launched another art project Laman Seni 7 at Jalan Plumbum Q7 again with the help of Bank Muamalat and all the artists involved. Similar to the previous project in Section 2, this project aimed to be the focal point for the youth to express their talents and improve the community.

During the Art Site 7 Opening Ceremony, the Shah Alam Mayor Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan said that the art site is an effort to change the negative perception towards the back alleys as back alleys are usually deemed as disgusting and unhygienic by both locals and tourists:

“If we can do this at all 12 local authorities, we will be able to reduce the cost of solid waste management and public cleaning. In fact, the savings can be returned to the community in projects such as this.”

Besides that, the art site aims to create a comfortable and safe location for the citizens and to become a new tourist spot for everyone. It involves an area of 206 metres and 56 owners of business premises at commercial centre. Through Art Site 7, the murals selected are offered cash prizes up to RM71,000 and they are divided into four categories 3D Painting, 3D Installation, Street Furniture, and Painting On Site. The mural concept is expected to have a theme of Shah Alam, tourist attractions, and greenery.

So far, there is no entrance fee to visit the art site as everyone is allowed to visit the site at any time of the day. It can also be used as a location for any beneficial activities such as basking performances and handicraft sales. To give you a better idea, check out this gallery of pics:

While visitors bear the responsibilities of keeping this place clean as it is part of the “clean zone programme”, we just can’t wait to visit the art sites. Don’t you think it’d be a perfect artsy presentation on your Instagram feed too?

Special thanks to Azuan Zahdi for sharing the wonderful photos of Laman Seni 7 and you can check out some other photos he took in his blog too!


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