There has always been a gap between Japanese tween pop and heavy metal music as heavy metal music is always destined to become a subgenre or belong in the underground music scene. Although the heavy metal music scene was popular in Japan, the cultural movement was quickly replaced by the Japanese teen idol groups. Hence, the genre is now only enjoyed by a niche audience. Because the majority of the public still prefer mainstream pop over underground music, there will always be a market for the Japanese idol culture despite being manufactured and sugarcoated by the record labels.

One band’s producer, Kobametal, believed that the fusion of both pop music and heavy metal music could strengthen the influence of both music genres.  e explained that the concept of mixing metal and idol music originated from the famous pop girl group PERFUME that incorporated EDM into pop music. Thus, the idea has now become a solid concept and kawaii metal is born.

Introducing, Japanese teen pop metal band, BABYMETAL, the most popular half-pop, half-metal band in the world.


It’s easy to understand why this group became an Internet sensation as it’s a whole new concept that was never done by anyone before and their performances are simply spectacular!

During their performances, the clean vocalist Su-metal is typically in the centre of the group formation while being flanked by two other members, Moametal and Yuimetal. The trio of Japanese girls perform in their “Gothic Lolita” style outfits and sometimes, a live band will play for their performances, increasing the energy level of their concert.

The concept of kawaii metal has drawn the attention of the public but it also became controversial as some hardcore metalheads made snarky comments about the group being “unoriginal” and “a disgrace to heavy metal music”. However, those comments given by the haters have been proven to be from a minority as BABYMETAL now has over 9 million views for their live concert music video titled “Give Me Chocolate”.

Source: mcmbuzz
Source: mcmbuzz

Amazing, isn’t it? Be prepared to have your mind blown away with these interesting facts about the heavy metal trio:

1. The average age of the group is 15 years of age as Su-metal is currently 17 years old while Moametal and Yuimetal are both 15 years old.

2. Before the band was formed, none of the three members knew what metal music was but Yuimetal admitted that the concept was scary for her at first before she found it fun and enjoyable (although she doesn’t completely understand it).

3. Babymetal became the youngest artists ever to perform at the international rock festival “Summer Sonic 2012” and “Heavy Metal Music Festival, Loud Park”.


4. During “Summer Sonic 2013”, it was reported that American legendary heavy metal band Metallica came to watch their performance.


5. During their concerts, the trio is assisted by a backup band – either a pretend band called Babybone (known for their black and-white skeleton outfits and mime-playing instruments) or a live band called “Kami Band” (Gods of Metal). Occasionally, a backup dance group called Sisterbone will join them on stage.

6. Besides heavy metal and idol pop, the band also incorporates several other sub-genres into their music including trance, death metal, symphonic death metal, melodic metal, “melodic speed metal”, and synthpop.

7. The band’s first international show was held at a convention in Singapore and the band was surprised to find that the fans have came from as far as Hong Kong and Malaysia to support them.

8. Babymetal will be the second Japanese act to open for Lady Gaga’s Artpop Ball Tour after the singer invited the Japanese digital pop idol Hatsune Miku to her show last month. The band will be opening for a total of 5 shows in America.

BabyMetal Kitsune Hand

9. The band mistook the devil horns for a fox (kitsune) and started using the hand gesture of the fox to symbolise the band’s divine inspirations.

10. The two youngest members of the trio, Moametal and Yuimetal, has formed a sub-unit group called BLACK BABYMETAL.

Still can’t get enough of the band? Watch this amazing trailer for the World Tour here:

For more information, visit their official website.

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