The first airport capsule hotel in Malaysia has arrived. Located at the (still) new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2), Capsule by Container Hotel allows transit travellers, backpackers, or frequent flyers to book a place to crash overnight or recharge during a long transit before catching the next flight.

Cozy and smart, the hotel is as minimalist as you can imagine, which bodes well for its “hassle-free, value-smart lodging” style. It has a very industrial feel as it comes complete with shipping crate-style walls – almost like a warehouse.

Capsule Hotel KLIA2 3


On their website, it states:

Designed for transit travelers, backpackers on-the-go, and frequent fliers, it allows those who needed a place to crash overnight, or recharge before catching the next flight. It is great for a short stay, and for people who are trendsetters, value-smart, and eager to experience a Capsule styled lodging without worrying about lengthy stop-over.

Enjoy a cold beer, a glass of sky juice, or a soft drink at our Capsule Bar upon check-in. Expect to be mesmerized by the ambiance of artistic vibe the moment you step into the foyer. To foster a creative community, we transformed the corridor into a creative space for the local aspiring artists to display and share their works of art. For that, we strive to make your stay a hassle-free, artful, and a unique experience imbued with lively energy; a dose of rejuvenation which you could take with you for your next journey.

Each capsule comes with a few convenient amenities. More than enough if you’re planning to just sleep, if you ask us:

  • 2 Pillows
  • Foldable table
  • Hangers
  • Individual ventilation
  • Privacy blind
  • Personal locker / drawer
  • Reading light
  • Power socket
  • Phone (self-setting alarm calls enabled)

And judging from the photos, the capsules do look comfortable albeit probably not so much for people with claustrophobia. There are also a few common/shared areas such as the Capsule bar, lounge, library, locker rental, washroom/shower, etc. Of course, some facilities come with a small fee but at least they’re the pay-per-use type.

Capsule Hotel KLIA2 Facilities

Fancy a few hours’ or a night’s stay at the comfy-looking Capsule hotel? Guests can stay up to 3 hours (cost RM45), 6 hours (cost RM70), or 12 hours (cost RM90) per day. Book here!

Check out this gallery for more pictures:


For more information, visit their website.

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