Uh-oh! Is Ellie Goulding (finally) dating Calvin Harris aka one of the world’s highest paid DJs now?

According to our source, the DJ was spotted partying the night away with Ellie Goulding at Mahiki Nightclub and both of them ended up at Goulding’s home around 3am. We don’t want to make any assumptions but the fact that that Ellie Goulding is still in a relationship with Douglas Poynter from McFly, well, let’s just hope that they are just collaborating for a new song again.

Ellie Goulding Calvin Harris


Previously, the two appeared really intimate in the ‘I Need Your Love’ music video, a collaboration between the two. At that time, the DJ insisted that both of them were only acting. He even went as far as tweeting, “Me and Ellie Goulding PRETENDING to be LOVERS in this video”.

This video, that is:

Super believable, right? We know. Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding revealed in an interview with Capital that they really are just good friends and thought that it was funny pretending to be his girlfriend. Hmm. Since Calvin Harris has recently broken up with English singer-songwriter Rita Ora, do you think that both of them legitly are dating now or are they just really good friends, as they both claim?

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