The “Pretty Little Liars” may be good at keeping secrets, but we know a secret or two about the show and the cast too! For example, did you know that Lucy Hale originally auditioned for the role of Hanna Marin (now played by Ashley Benson)? We know, right? We can’t imagine it either. But wait, why stop there when you can indulge in all these other Pretty Little Liars’ little secrets?


1. Lucy Hale (who plays Aria Montgomery) had some acting gigs before she landed her lead role in “Pretty Little Liars”. In “Scream 4”, she plays Sherrie. She performed on “American Juniors” in 200, singing Blondie’s hit pop song, “Call Me”. Oh, she’s also a singer.


2. Based on a multi-book series, “Pretty Little Liars” (the TV show) follows many of the plots that span all of the novels. Except that in the show, Maya dies, while in the books, she doesn’t. Vice versa with Toby.


3. Before landing the role of Hanna Marin on “Pretty Little Liars,” Ashley Benson portrayed Abby Deveraux, the daughter of super couple Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton, on “Days of Our Lives” from 2004 to 2007.

4. The producers of “Pretty Little Liars” use several different filming sets in order to create the fictional town of Rosewood where the story takes place. Several “Pretty Little Liars” scenes use the same set that “Gilmore Girls” used back in the year 2000.

Source: pinterest
Source: pinterest

5. Troian Bellisario (who plays Spencer Hastings) is the daughter of famous “NCIS” producers Donald P. Bellisario and has appeared on the hit series as Tim McGee’s kid sister, Sarah. Surprisingly, this is one TV star who doesn’t even have cable!

6. Tammin Sursok (who plays Jenna Marshall on the show) originally wanted the part of Spencer Hastings. She got the role of Jenna instead, of course. Then again, can you imagine her as Spencer? Exactly.

7. Ian Harding (who plays Ezra Fitz) didn’t get his start in the acting business until 2009 when he appeared as the Wealthy Prepster in “Adventureland” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart.

8. The “Pretty Little Liars” producers originally intended for the popular former Disney star, Ashley Tisdale, to have a starring role on the show. They offered her an audition, but she turned it for “Hellcats” instead.

Source: PLL's Facebook page
Source: PLL’s Facebook page

9. Some of you might’ve once or twice wondered about the actress who plays the show’s most mysterious character (as of now), Alison DiLaurentis. Well, Sasha Pieterse previously had a recurring role on “Heroes” as Amanda Strazzulla and in addition to acting and modelling, she’s also an amazing singer who loves country music.

10. Chad Lowe and Holly Marie Combs were not the producers’ first choice for playing Aria’s parents. Jean Louisa Kelly was the first choice for the role of Ella, while the producers intended Alexis Denisof to play Byron.

We hope you were as enlightened as we were! If you need more “Pretty Little Liars” goodness, check out this interview with the cast at PaleyFest 2014 (the ultimate TV fan festival):

For more information, visit Pretty Little Liars’ Facebook page or follow them on Instagram!

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