Music and arts at its best!


The first ever Tiger Translate event in Malaysia took place on June 14th, 2014 (Saturday) at Kenanga City and it was pretty much indie heaven. Tiger Translate — known as a global platform design to celebrate the blend of global creativity of music and arts through various exposures certainly achieved that with its inaugural here in Malaysia.


The event which took place at Kenanga City saw music and arts enthusiasts come together for a wonderful time. Treated to performances by Manic Sheep (Taiwan), Chochukmo (Hong Kong), OJ Law & Indiego and Editors (UK), fans were seen rocking out to their favourite acts. Apart from that, Graffiti Artist – Kenji Chai, Tattooist – Lynda Chean and Graphic Designers – Kickatomic’s Tsu Ann and Jaemy roared at the art front of the event — displaying their skills and showing the crowd what they are made off.

For us, the highlight of Tiger Translate has to be the performance by English alternative rock band — Editors. Probably one of the best live gigs we have ever seen, Editors had such electric and amazing energy on stage that they probably turned everyone into an instant fan! Frontman, Tom Smith, beautifully haunting voice definitely charmed everyone in the crowd as he flowed so well with the arrangement of the band.

Watch the below video and check out the photo gallery for more:

For more information, visit Tiger Translate’s website or Facebook page.

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