Sometimes, the most beautiful things can happen when you’re at your lowest.

Photo via YouTube
Photo via YouTube

Taking on a new change in scenery (and a beautiful one at that) and tune, Heymun’s latest track “Sailor” is quite the opposite of her previous single “Youth“. Armed with just a guitar, she sounds almost forlorn in “Sailor” but we’re not complaining because it also happens to be when she sings best. After all, don’t most singer-songwriters express themselves best that way? Except, not all singer-songwriters can meld such a beautiful voice over an equally beautiful arrangement (of the track).

It’s as though her voice has formed a beautiful love affair with her music.


The music video that accompanies Heymun’s new song features her standing on the edge of a cliff, staring out at the sea, while the wind continuously blows in her hair. Like something right out of a postcard, it’s scenic, it’s gorgeous. Truth be told, nothing much can be said about the music video but then again, nothing needs to be said – because the beauty lies within the soulful song, its words, and her vocal prowess.

Here, be amazed by Heymun’s “Sailor”:

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