After releasing the Korean music videos for their hit songs, “Come Back Home”, “Happy”, and “Gotta Be You”, 2NE1 is now releasing one for “Crush”, too – except, the girls will be using the Japanese version of the song. While some Blackjacks are disappointed that there’s no Korean version of the music video (for now), we think the release is apt because it’s just slightly ahead of the release of 2NE1’s album, “Crush” in the Japanese market.

The Japanese version of the album is slated for a 25th June release. Following which, the girls will kick off their World Tour “All or Nothing” at Yokohama Arena on 5th and 6th July, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on 12th and 13th July. It’s a notable milestone for 2NE1 because this is all happening for the first time in about two years for them!

2NE1 Crush Japanese 2


Fun facts:

  • The Korean version of the album sold over five thousand copies in the United States, and charted at number 61 on the Billboard 200 in its first week of release.
  • It broke two records: the “Best-Selling K-Pop Album” and the “Highest-Charting K-Pop Album” on the Billboard 200, beating the records previously held by BIGBANG’s EP Alive (4,100 copies) and Girls’ Generation-TTS’s EP Twinkle (which had peaked at number 126), respectively.
  • Two months after its release (it was released in February 2014), the tracks from “Crush” have been downloaded over 4.2 million times.

Watch the Japanese version of “Crush” here:

Love it or don’t love it so much? Let us know what you think in the comments! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out this post where we gush about that one time the girls were here to rock Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, visit 2NE1’s Facebook page.

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