Step aside, grumpy cat and Hedwig! It’s time for “Satsuma” The Owl!

“Satsuma” the owl is a Northern white-faced owl that became immensely popular when its owner uploaded a video of the owl perching on his hand while he was illustrating. Judging by the way Satsuma looks at its owner, the owl could very well be the owner’s personal assistant. The owl also seemed to have mastered balancing while the owner scribbles on a Wacom pad back and forth.


The video went viral on the Internet and it has since reached 886k views in less than a month! The owner, Noantica, uploaded several other videos of Satsuma and we’ve got to say that the owl is the cutest bird ever!

However, petting an owl requires a proper license and the owl must be under special care and treatment to survive. Well, you will be happy to know that you can still play with the owl as owl cafés are a growing trend in Tokyo and Osaka!


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