If you ever find yourself standing alone in the corner of the dance floor crowded with people, chances are: you are missing out on a lot of fun partying with friends. Or, maybe you haven’t seen these amazingly choreographed dance routines people have uploaded on YouTube yet!

After years of working as dancers, these YouTube choreographers injected their own movements into their dance routines and decided to share their creation with all the aspiring dancers around the world. Unsurprisingly, some of these videos went viral on the Internet and garnered millions of views on their YouTube channels. Among the list of YouTube choreographers, we picked out our favourites (with a few honourable mentions) and shared our reasons why you should subscribe to their YouTube channels!

1. Yanis Marshall


Why You Should Subscribe:

These men proved that they can dance better than you do on the dance floor, even in heels! Yanis Marshall is a young French dancer and choreographer whose video went viral last summer and changed the way people looked at men’s performances. Long before his Spice Girls’ video went viral, Yanis Marshall was already known for his own choreography that emphasises on the feeling of the movements. From only four students and two classes per week, Yanis Marshall now teaches more than 300 trainees at the same time and even offers dance classes in heels!

2. Kyle Hanagami

Why You Should Subscribe:

Based in Los Angeles, Kyle Hanagami’s choreography videos captured the wonderful energy of L.A and presented us powerful yet fun performances. Due to his creative choreography, Kyle Hanagami was named as “Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming choreographer” in Dance Spirit Magazine. He did a fair share of contribution by choreographing for X Factor, Nickelodeon, Fanta and even danced for artistes such as Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, and many more.

3. Keone and Mari


Why You Should Subscribe:

Two is indeed better than one as Keone and Mariel Madrid, a married couple, crafted a series of elegant yet dynamic choreography that now serves as some dancers’ source of inspiration. From the difficult footwork to the perfect facial expressions, the married couple danced with passion and perfectly in sync. We love the fact that the dancers put all emotions into their steps and we are pretty convinced that the choreography solidifies the love between the couple!

Honourable mentions:

1. Jose Hollywood

2. Wildabeast Adams

3. EN Dance Studio

4. Anthony Lee

5. Koharu Sugawara

6. Matt Steffanina

7. Daniel Jerome

Who else do you think should make the list? Tell us about your favourite YouTube choreographers in the comment box below!

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