It has been four years since the sc-fi TV show “Heroes” ended, and we know it was probably one of the most iconic series in the history of television (that eventually went downhill due to the WGA strike) But that doesn’t mean we despise the show! If anything, we desperately wanted the creator or the writers to bring back the magic from season one. And that’s probably what’s going to happen soon.

Yes, the “heroes” are back!


Earlier in February, NBC made a surprise announcement that the cancelled drama will return as a 13-episode event miniseries as “Heroes Reborn” in 2015. Tim Kring, the mastermind behind NBC’s “Heroes”, will be back to work on the show with a NEW cast. Fret not, the show’s original cast members (possibly Masi Oka?) may return to join the production of the show. Furthermore, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke stated in a press release that they will not rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.

For those of you who are not in the know, the show may remind you of the popular Marvel comics, “X-Men”, which also turned into a film series. However, “Heroes” is not a show based on any comics. But it was, however, adapted from the American comic books’ aesthetic style and tells the story of ordinary people who discover their superhuman abilities and how these discoveries eventually led them to a series of events – including changing the world.

The TV’s greatest catchphrase “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” and the trailer below will give you a short glimpse of how this series was the “it” show in the past!

Excited about the reboot? Join the discussion on the upcoming show #HeroesReborn on Twitter and follow them for the latest updates!


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