Earlier in April, CUBE Entertainment confirmed that one of their star K-Pop idol groups will be doing something a little special come mid-year:

B2ST is set to make a comeback mid-May. Their comeback was initially planned for late April or early May but in order to raise the quality of the album, there has been a slight delay. They are experimenting with various things for their recording and visual concept. You will see a never-before-seen side of B2ST.

Unfortunately, it remained delayed due to the Sewol ferry accident. Until just a few days ago! The boys released a teaser comeback image and confirmed that their comeback is indeed happening. In fact, they’re looking to comeback with a new mini album packed with seven tracks on 16th June!


After which, B2ST member Yoseob extended a personalised message to their fans via their first comeback teaser video:


Hello! This is Yoseob. Pretty soon, B2ST will be making a comeback and it touches my heart when I think about how much the fans have been waiting. We’ve prepared a lot of new content for you so please give a lot of love towards the new song and B2ST’s comeback. Thank you!

Followed by a second comeback teaser video, where Dongwoon and Yoseob are seen discussing the significance of three-leaf clovers and four-leaf clovers.

Yes, clovers!:

And finally, just yesterday, B2ST’s comeback mini album’s track list was revealed. With a title track named, “Good Luck”, it’s no wonder why Dongwoon and Yoseob were discussing significance of the three-leaf and four-leaf clovers! Sneaky, guys, very sneaky. Also, it’s nice to see Junhyung playing a big role on the music production end as he’s credited in most of the songs. Boy has got skillz!


Check out the track list here:

B2ST Comeback Track List

B2UTIES, are you guys excited or what? Mark your calendars, 16th June!


It’s here, it’s here! B2ST has finally released their official music video for their title track, “Good Luck”. Just you try to not swoon:

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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