They’ve done it before so they definitely have no qualms doing it again. Yesterday, YG Entertainment posted up a mysterious looking poster across various social media platforms. The poster bears nothing but a huge question mark and a headline which reads, “WHO’S NEXT”. Trust YG to give their fans almost nothing to work with!

Sure, it doesn’t explain much but already, excited fans are pressing for an answer and on a roll with guessing games. If we remember accurately, the last time YG pulled a stunt like this, it was a series of teasers that led to the release of 2NE1 leader CL’s first solo single in five years.

This one:


That having said, perhaps this time it could be for BIGBANG’s long awaited comeback? Or is YG finally going to debut the new girl group that they’ve been postponing for more than a year?

We’ll just have to wait and see!


More to come as the story unfolds.


Well, that was fast! YG Entertainment has revealed that the mysterious “WHO’S NEXT” poster was actually in reference to BIGBANG member Taeyang’s (real name Dong Youngbae) new solo album. Taeyang means “Sun” and the new album will be called, “Rise”. Aptly named!


Incidentally. today is also Taeyang’s birthday so there’s no better time to announce the great news. In fact, Taeyang himself shared the poster artwork on his Instagram account. Here:


The last time he released a solo album was “Solar” in 2010. Who can forget “I Need A Girl” and “Wedding Dress”, right? Having said that, it’d be interesting to see what his new album holds considering the fact that he last single, “RINGA LINGA” sounded nothing like the musical style he had for “Solar”.

Also, Taeyang has been talking about working on a solo album for about two years now. It’s safe to say that we’re just as excited as everyone else! “Rise” is set for a 2nd June release so keep your eyes and ears peeled for it.

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