“Singing… is the only thing I can say.. I truly know..” – Christian Theseira


Hype Sessions has seen a number of super talented local Malaysians show their worth and joining in on that list this month is none other than Christian Theseira.


Born and bred from the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Christian Theseira started his musical career at 17-years of age and has since experimented with various genres of music before settling with R&B and soul. Determined to break through the local music industry, he first started performing his unique arrangements of famous cover songs at local clubs and pubs before creating his own original music.

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Before releasing his own singles, Christian when on a hiatus for two years. During the hiatus, he went on a soul searching journey in India where he discovered a new direction to his music and brought it back to his home, Malaysia. With a deep flavour of soul with a twist of urban delight, Christian’s passion and soul comes to live with his music.

Taking the spotlight for the month of March, here’s Christian Theseira.

For more of Christian Theseira, follow him on his social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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