It looks like Anuar Zain has joined in the “fun” of price hiking in Malaysia!

via Rotikaya
via Rotikaya

The singer who’s set to perform for his Three Decades of Music, Love and Heartfelt concert in Shah Alam sometime this February has raised his ticket prices to almost a double of the original price. The tickets originally priced from RM88.00 (cheapest) to RM698.00 (most expensive) has seen a hike in the most expensive ticket which is now priced at RM1,380.00.

Anuar Zain however defended his actions by saying it is worth it and it will be accepted by the fans in attendance later.


” The price was reasonable because it includes food, door gifts, the quality of presentation and it provides fans with an opportunity to reach out to me ” the singer said. “We also promise a fresh musical arrangements and sound to match the theme of ‘ beautiful ‘. It is my sincere gift to fans who attend,” he continued.

Tickets to the show will go on sale on February 7th and can be purchased online.


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