Over the years, the annual Super Bowl has turned into a porting event that brings everyone from all walks of life together, even if it’s just for a couple hours.

via Rolling Stone
via Rolling Stone

Taking advantage of this situation, U2 will debut the new song Invisible during this year’s Super Bowl in a commercial that will launch the band’s new partnership with (RED) and Bank of America. The new agreement is set to raise over $10 million to fight AIDS.

After the debut, Invisible will be available as a free download on iTunes during the game and for the next 24 hours. Bank of America is said to donate $1 for each download of Invisible (up to $2 million) to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – a service that is responsible for treatment, medicine and prevention services to the populations of the world’s poorest countries. Currently, one of the top priorities of (RED), which is cofounded by frontman Bono in 2006 with Bobby Shiver and the Global Fund is to eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother-to-child by 2015.


With the extra proceeds from Bank of America, (RED) is expected to exceed a quarter-billion dollars raised for the Global Fund. “Bank of America’s commitment to donate $10 million spurred further donations from the Gates Foundation, SAP and Africa’s Motsepe Family totalling $22 million,” said Bono in a statement.


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