A lil bit of hip hop will make the world go round.


Malaysian hip hop duo, Too Phat consists of Joe Flizzow and Malique Ibrahim. Dubbed Malaysia’s hip hop pioneers, the duo had everyone bumping and dancing to their beats and sounds and brought hip hop to live in late 1990s.  The duo received their first big break in 1999 when their first singles, Li’l Fingaz and Too Phat Baby was featured on the normal rotation on local radio.


Following the success of these singles, Too Phat began work on an album entitled whuttadilly?. The duo then went on to release their second album Plan B in March 2011 which sold over $45,000 copies, earning them the double platinum status in Malaysia. Too Phat success lead to them collaborating with various artists including American hip hop artist Warren G, Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza and many more.

Together, Too Phat released 4 studio albums and 4 compilations before they split up. Joe Flizzow, one half of Too Phat embarked on his career as a solo artist in 2009 and has recently released his latest album entitled Havoc.

Here’s Just A Lil Bit by Too Phat featuring Warren G. Enjoy!

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