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Ever since Hype Sessions’ started, we’ve seen a number of musically talented individuals who are either amazing solo acts or bands that makes sweet music together. On the past three sessions of Hype Session, we’ve had Jumero, Melissa Indot and Seven Days of Sunny June and joining these names this month are non other than Ministry of Blunk, MOB in short.


Still relatively new in music scene as band, Ministry of Blunk was formed in April 2013. The band which started off with a duo of vocalist Shane Tan and metal guitarist Vishnu Krishnan who performed with secessionist for about six months before bassist Arnold Tham and drummer Isaac Miranda joined in to form MOB. Together they’ve found their own unique voice and sound by blending music from various genres including blues, flunk, rock and metal.

Ever since their coming out as Ministry of Blunk, they’ve performed at venues like No Black Tie, Pisco Bar, Rockafellas and The Bee. The boys also got into the finals for Diamonds in the Rough 2 and have participated in festivals like Spartfest, Freedom Festival, Tres Fest, India Penang and Indie Youth Festival – FEYST 2013.

Taking the spotlight on Hype.My’s Hype Sessions #4, here’s Ministry of Blunk. Enjoy!

For more of MOB, check them out on their social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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