On 26th November last year, leader of popular K-Pop idol girl group, the Wonder Girls officially announced that she would be marrying her long-term boyfriend! Sunye, who turns 24 years old in August this year, met Korean-Canadian James Park while they were both volunteering in Haiti. They couple were dating for a year prior to the announcement.

However, for the Wonder Girls, this means that their leader will officially stop promoting with the group after her wedding due to after-wedding plans. The newlyweds will have their honeymoon in Maldives before spending their newlywed days in Canada, where James Park’s parents live.


Hence, leaving the other members of the Wonder Girls to now start preparing for solo promotions such as acting and focusing on solo albums. And yes, this also means the end of Sunye’s role as part of the Wonder Girls. (Source)

The official statement by JYP Entertainment, home to the Wonder Girls reads:

Sun, who debuted in 2007 and led the Wonder Girls as their leader for six years, recently informed the agency as well has the Wonder Girls’ members about her intentions, and understanding that her decision has come after much thought, we have decided to respect her decision. Sun will be focusing on her marriage and family life for the time being, and the other members of Wonder Girls will be concentrating on individual activities such as acting, producing, solo albums, and broadcast activities. We hope for many messages of congratulations and encouragement. Thank you.


Sunye’s wedding will take place on 26th January 2013 (Saturday) at the Seoul Lotte Hotel and the ceremony will be officiated by her best friend, 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Her church pastor will be heading the wedding while fellow JYP Entertainment artistes including J.Y. Park are said to have prepared songs to perform.

With just two days more to go, JYP Entertainment has revealed Sunye’s and James Park’s beautifully shot wedding pictures. The photoshoot was headed by popular photographer, Oh Joong Suk. Click to view the photos below!


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