Mama Monster aka Lady Gaga might’ve signed up for a Twitter account first and she might’ve hit more than 33 million followers first but she has since been dethroned. As of yesterday, it became evident that there are certainly more “Beliebers” than “Little Monsters” in the world.

Justin Bieber, who initially tailed quite a distance behind Lady Gaga on the popular microblogging site, now has oh, only about 33,364,160 followers while Mama Monster comes in a close second with 33,347,462 followers.


Note: Numbers of followers are accurate as of time of writing.

We’re not sure if the sudden increase in followers (for Justin) has got anything to do with the fact that he’s newly single thought we highly suspect so. But we certainly don’t know any other 18-year-old who can command such a huge following on Twitter with only 140 characters at a time.

Oh, and might we add that perhaps Lady Gaga should tweet just a little bit more to encourage more followers? Because while she’s pretty active on Twitter, Justin still tweets about 10 times more frequently than she does. That said, we think it’s time for her to pass on her crown to the “Boyfriend” singer – and high time for “Beliebers” to celebrate.

The top 10 most followed Twitter accounts are:

  1. Justin Bieber – 33.333 million
  2. Lady Gaga – 33.329 million
  3. Katy Perry – 31.4 million
  4. Rihanna – 27.9 million
  5. Barack Obama – 26.1 million
  6. Britney Spears – 23.3 million
  7. Taylor Swift – 23.1 million
  8. YouTube – 22.2 million
  9. Shakira – 19.3 million
  10. Kim Kardashian – 17.2 million


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