Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) proudly introduces their brand new Golden Fortune Chicken and a new range of two delightful beverages for their Chinese New Year (CNY) 2013 promo.

Featuring KRR’s famous Rotisserie-roasted quarter chicken with exotic rich oriental flavour with a hint of spiciness, this sumptuous meal is completed with a rich sweet and sour flavor. To top it all, the Golden Fortune Chicken comes complete with three side dishes of your choice and a delectable Zesty Orange Muffin.


To further elevate the joy and festivities, KRR also introduced two refreshing beverages – Passion T and Jelly O’Berry. The Passion T is a healthy Passion tea with pearls and jelly while the Jelly O’Berry is a refreshing orange flavoured fizzy drink with yummy jelly bites.

Both beverages are set to put a sweet note to every wholesome meal at KRR.

Available for a limited time only, the Golden Fortune Chicken is priced at RM18.50*, and the revitalizing drinks at RM8.50* each. *Price varies at Genting Highlands.

Order a good meal of Kenny Rogers ROASTERS and good fortune might just knock on your door along with your order!

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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