Usually, when someone says “armed intruder” and links it to Hollywood star Tom Cruise, it immediately falls into the context of a big-budget action movie. However, in this situation, the term is used, abused, and nothing but a prank call.

Recently, a swarm of policemen surrounded Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills house after a 911 call was made by an unknown person. Tom wasn’t home at the time of the call but the caller had apparently told the operator that there was an armed intruder on the property but lo and behold, it was just a prank aka a “swatting” hoax. What’s more creepy is that the call actually came from Tom’s house.


Other recent “swatting” hoaxes include incidents at the homes of Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. According to L.A. Now”, the police have caught a 12-year-old Southern Californian boy who was believed to be responsible for the abovementioned incidents. However, there was also an incident which involved Miley Cyrus’ home and it didn’t appear to be the work of the same suspect.

Assuming that the “swatting” pranks were all executed by minors then what have they been teaching them? The question remains as to how the 911 calls came from the homes of the respective celebrities. Hmm.


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