Well, well, well, look what the international celebrity news brought in. It appears that Matt Kemp and Rihanna are back in the dating game!

24-year-old Major League Baseball outfielder Matt Kemp was spotted in a Los Angeles restaurant on 13th January all “forever alone” until who should saunter in soon after but redheaded artiste Rihanna? Yes, that hair is just a tad hard to go completely unnoticed. Both Rihanna and Matt were then hauled off to a private table for a cozy little dinner date. Hmm. A candlelit one, perhaps?


Is Matt going to be worth our RiRi’s time though? She did, after all, just recover from her on-and-off-and-on again charade with notorious artiste Chris Brown.

Note: Rihanna recently called it quits with Chris Brown (again) after finding out that he was still seeing his ex, Karrueche Tran, behind her back. Tsks!

Maybe RiRi has really found love in a hopeless place restaurant!


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