Who would’ve thought that a girl who first stated out in a rock band with her own sister could’ve ended up on singing-competition show The Voice and then achieving immediate mainstream success after? Even for Dia Frampton, who’s still reeling from the unexpected career boost as she goes on her first ever solo concert tour across Southeast Asia, jumping back into the music industry again after giving up on the band is something she’s still trying to digest.

Nevermind trying to deal with being in the center of attention now.


We picked up a copy of her highly anticipated solo debut album, “Red” and we must say that we were in no way prepared to hear a different side of Dia – but she was nothing short of impressive. For starters, if by being “mainstream”, you expect a typical pop album then the first song we suggest you listen to closely is “The Broken Ones”.

The song is sweet, dotted with strong lyrics, and laced with her syrupy childlike voice but nowhere near “bubblegum”:

I can’t help it,

I love the broken ones,

The ones who,

Need the most patching up.

The ones who,

Never been loved,


Never been loved,

Never been loved enough.

Maybe I see a part of me in them.

The missing piece always trying to fit in.

The shattered heart,

Hungry for a home.

No you’re not alone,

I love the broken ones.

Also, props to the production team who worked on the serene and beautiful music video. We fell head over heels with it:

[youtube id=”Zz04teo1j9k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In our interview with Dia previously, she mentioned working with her favourite producer, Greg Kurstin on “Don’t Kick The Chair”. So our mission was clear – we had to listen to the song.  With a slightly more upbeat tempo, “Don’t Kick The Chair” takes the listener back to the good ol’ days of radio music. Early 90s, if not the 80s. The main idea behind the song  circles around the concept of not giving up, encouraging people to keep pushing forward past the highs as well as the lows of life.

And let’s not forget how rapper Kid Cudi adds cred to the song. Some swag, if he may:

[youtube id=”YmWETnxHnjA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Last but not least, we beg you to check out “Daniel”. It’s the one song where Dia goes back to her roots of being a singer-songwriter and wins us over with nothing but her voice and her guitar. “Daniel” is a pretty perfect example of what cinched Dia her second place overall spot on The Voice – just pure mind-blowing talent. Indie lovin’!

We say, go on and pick up a copy of Dia Frampton’s “Red”. The debut solo album is now available at a music store near you. Alternatively, you could also purchase her album off iTunes here.

For more information, visit her official website or send her your love via Twitter.

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