The world’s most popular vampire, Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson showed up at the 70th Golden Globes as a celebrity presenter. Of course, this means that he also rocked the red carpet but wait, he rocked it alone. Huh?

It seems that Twihards were disappointed when Kristen Stewart didn’t turn up at the gala event with him. Yup. Rob was “Bella”-less for the night. According to “Life&Style” magazine, Rob and Kristen are going through a rocky phase in their relationship – again! It was said that the couple had been fighting a lot as of recent and Rob ain’t happy about that.


Still, the burning question is, where was Bella?

Apparently, Kristen was seen all dressed down and in the company of two other men at a Starbucks outlet in Los Angeles and, well, neither one of them was Rob. Obviously. Since Rob was busy rocking a suit and rubbing shoulders with award-nominated actors, actresses, and directors at the Golden Globes.

Oh well, Kristen, as long as you’re out gallivanting with random married-with-kids directors again. If you know what we’re saying.


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