It seems like just yesterday that Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell tied the knot in the presence of their families and friends. And then there was that crazy story about them getting robbed only shortly (about a week) after they were married. So maybe that instigated the whole act of not jinxing it for themselves?

See, the last time rumours about being pregnant surfaced, she was adamant on slamming ‘em. In November 2012, the initial word about Evan carrying a bun in the oven arose, only to have Evan herself debunking the myth.


Upon hearing the rumours, she quickly took it to Twitter by saying, “Sorry to disappoint, but no baby on the way here!”

Ah but this time, the 25-year-old actress and husband are expecting their bundle of joy for real. We know this because she cheekily tweeted:

However, now further details were revealed by the couple of their rep, including the sex of the baby or a due date. We do know, however, that their baby is due sometime in this coming year. Yay! Much love and hugs to the newlyweds!


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