Once upon a time, she was more often than not compared to teeny boppers. To be honest, it’s hard to still call Christina Aguilera a “pop star” because unlike a lot of artistes in the music industry, she actually has real talent. We can’t deny that her vocals are easily the best amongst singers/the peers of her generation.

And no, she ain’t no teeny bopper no more, that’s for sure.


We gotta admit – because Christina has always had the reputation of knowing damn well how to maximize her qualities and strengths, we were one of the first few people in line waiting to grab a copy of her latest album, “Lotus”.  Especially after we heard the lead single, “Your Body”, which was premiered about two months ahead of the album release.

So starts the story of our first “Lotus” love:

[youtube id=”6cfCgLgiFDM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Produced by Max Martin (the same producer who recently worked with Taylor Swift), “Your Body” became our fast favourite the moment it was released. Much more so when the official music video was launched. One might argue that it looks or sounds like any ordinary Christina Aguilera song from the recent years but personally, we love the style of the music video and what it embodies.

Empowerment? Yes. Christina’s cheekiness? Yes. Confidence? Oozing! No wonder it has gotten so much airplay and YouTube views (about 40,274,725)!

The other song that we love off her new album is “Army of Me”. In Christina’s words, it’s the newer, updated version of her super winning 2003 song, “Fighter”. Yeah, we bet you remember that one. It has such bold lyrics that it’s hard to ignore.

Check it:

Welcome to my revolution, all your walls are breaking down,


It’s time you had a taste of losing, time the table’s turned around.

I see a glimpse of recognition but it’s too late, ugh it’s too late.

And what you thought was your best decision just became your worst mistake.

One of me is wiser, one of me is stronger,

One of me is a fighter, and there’s a thousand faces of me.

And we’re gonna rise up, and we’re gonna rise up,

For every time you broke me, you’re gonna face an army,

Army of me.

Also, it’s good to know that Christina hasn’t stopped challenging herself. We love how her musical style evolves greatly with each album release. It keeps things interesting, no? Not only for herself but also for her die-hard fans. Oh, and before we go on and on and on, here she is talking about “Army of Me” (song preview included):

[youtube id=”Ug1gKxLTyAw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Blank Page” is also well on its way to becoming a hit, if it isn’t already one. After all, what is Christina Aguilera without a soulful ballad? The poignant song was made in collaboration with singer-songwriter, Sia, who is also popular for songs that will tug at her listeners’ hearts. The duo go deep with this “stripped down bare” song, with focus on Christina’s big and powerful voice coupled by a piano in the background.

Prepare Kleenex for this one:

[youtube id=”NHpv7NKNxco” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you like what you’ve heard (or read) so far, then wait no more! Christina Aguilera’s “Lotus” is now available at a music store near you. Alternatively, you could also purchase her album off iTunes here.

Go on. You know you want to.

For more information, visit her official website. Christina Aguilera also has a Facebook page so hit her up with a “LIKE”!

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