Gabriel Macht is probably today’s smoothest lawyer with charm enough to get away with murder. At least on the popular TV drama series, “Suits“, he is. Created by Aaron Korsh, the show focuses on characters Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht). Mike is a brilliant college dropout but finds himself on the run from a drug deal gone bad. And just as his sheer luck would have it, he lands himself a job working with one of New York City’s best lawyers, Harvey Specter.

But of course, as with all TV dramas, the plot starts to thicken when suspicions arise about Mike’s lack of qualifications (read: not a Harvard Law grad) when his past comes back to haunt him.


The 12-episode first season debuted on 23rd June 2011, with a 90-minute premiere. Because it was so well received, the show was immediately renewed for a second season, consisting of 16 episodes. Today, it is one of US TV’s most engaging series, “Suits” season two is just about to premiere on DIVA Universal (Astro Channel 702) on 7th January 2013 (Monday).

We managed to grab hold of Gabriel Macht a few days ahead of the Malaysian premiere of “Suits” season two. He spills the deets on what to expect from the new season:

Hey Gabriel! Good to be speaking to you. Can you talk about how Hardman’s return is kind of going to affect the whole dynamic of everybody at the firm?

“Okay so yes you know so Daniel Hardman who is the other half of Pearson/Hardman. You know Jessica Pearson has been running the show for a while now. We – Jessica and Harvey pushed Daniel Hardman out of the firm based on some wrong doings that he did with some clients. And you’re going to learn a little bit more about Harvey’s value system and there’s another reason in there why he’s not so fond of Hardman.”

Who is Hardman really a threat to though? Is it just Harvey or..

“Now that Hardman is back in the fold and has regained some of his power as far as being number two in the firm you know there’s the potential of him – there’s a real threat to both Jessica and Harvey. There’s payback and it really does question the dynamics of the partners and of all the characters involved. And I think you know at a certain point Hardman starts to see who line up on the Pearson side and how he can sort of sway them to the Hardman side. And there’s a bunch of episodes where we’re dealing with this fact of loyalty and power.”

Would you say is the dynamic between Harvey and Jessica that makes the relationship unique?


“I think in many ways their relationship is a reflection of Harvey and Mike’s relationship. I think she saw that Harvey had some great qualities as far as being a determined young man who was also a bit of a scrapper. And being able to talk his way out of situations and was just you know efficient in his dealings and you know he is a bright young kid. He didn’t have all the tools but you know she helped him go through law school and she put him in the mail – I think she met him in the mail room, whatever. And sort of guided him along the way and you know built him up to become a partner. I think in ways to make you know him her you know right hand man and I think she sees a lot of herself in him. Like I said before that mirrors the relationship between Harvey and Mike. So when she sees why he’s hired Mike and all the difficulties that comes with I think she trusts Harvey in that this kids going to make through on his promise of being as legitimate a lawyer as he can.”

Without spoiling it too much, have there been any particular highlights from the second season so far for you? Things that you’ve particularly enjoyed working on?

“Yes there’s some great stuff going on in this season. In a couple episodes there’s a terrific scene with Harvey and Louis. Louis is really feeling down on his luck and whereas we’ve seen Harvey really ride Louis to the maximum. There’s a really great scene in which we talk about the history of them. So I really enjoyed working with Rick on that. Problem is everybody now learns that I break easily and I get these laughing fits.”

Haha! How bad are your laughing fits? You mean there were times where people had to drop whatever they were doing just because you couldn’t stop laughing?

“How bad? Just so you know I did cry of laughter in that scene but they were able to cut around it. There’s also Margo Martindale has guested on the show and that was another laughing fit I had. She plays one of the heads of the nurses association and there’s a scene where I try to negotiate with her to settle. And in her off camera take of my close up she went behind the camera and said her line which is ‘the nurses strike at midnight’ but the way she pulled it off sounded like you know a vampire on True Blood – ‘the nurses strike at midnight’ you know. And she like threw her fangs out. That just had me in tears. That was behind the scenes fun and you know hopefully the scenes work.”

Crying of laughter – imagine that. We’ll take your word for it, Gabriel. Thank you so much for being so accommodating. See you on season two of “Suits”!

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Look out for the premiere of “Suits” season two on 7th January 2013 (Monday) at 8pm, only on DIVA Universal (Astro Channel 702). For more information, hit up this link!

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