A great year for music.

It’s been a great year for music this 2013 with the surprise drop of Beyoncé’s album to Miley’s infamous twerking and let’s not forget Justin Bieber’s retirement from music. Haha! So here we are, taking a step back from the big screen and moving to the other part of entertainment — music to bring you our favourite 10 albums of 2013.




American psychedelic rock band was founded by Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden released their third album this year with it’s lead single Alien Days. Staying true their sound, Hype.My personally believes that this is their best work so far. Weird, quirky but yet the album maintains the psychedelic rock sound and feel to it that it’s just brilliant.

9. Miley Cyrus — Bangerz


Despite all the negative attention our twerk princess has received, the girl can sing! She’s always had a beautiful voice with strong vocals and she proves that’s not all twerk and sledge hammer licking with this album. Hype.My dubs Bangerz as one of the better pop album releases of 2013 and kudos to Miley for keepin’ it real.

8. Krewella — Get Wet

artworks-000058062063-dd17xi-originalKrewella made a bang into the scene this year with their hit single Alive. Following the success of Alive, the trio released their debut album Get Wet which consists of 12 explosive tracks that makes for a delicious EDM album that will get anyone and everyone dancing and thumping their fists in the air! Full of energy and punchy hooks with brilliant contrasts between change-ups and solid vocals, Get Wet is definitely a hit album!

7. BΔSTILLE — Bad Blood



Bad Blood is simply beautiful. It is both entirely predictable but at the same time completely captivating. Each track is written with subtle details lying in the lyrics featuring an exploration of all sounds, from the strings to reinforce emotions, to the touching of piano based sounds to just a complete experiment of various sounds, Bad Blood is set to take listeners by surprise.

6. Kings Of Leon — Mechanical Bull Album


Mechanical Bull makes for King Of Leon’s fourth number one album on the UK Official Album Charts and it’s to no surprise that it did. Returning to their roots, these Tennessee rockers provide fans with beautiful grime and grits ripping through each track on this album. No short of sheer brilliance we say!

5. Janelle Monáe — The Electric Lady


Soulful and smoothing, Janelle has one of the most beautiful voices ever. Her second album The Electric Lady features a solid nineteen tracks that features a similar styling of Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5 and Prince. We must say, she did a fantastic job with the album and we look forward to more good stuff from her.

4. Joe Flizzow — Havoc


Malaysian Hip Hop maestro Joe Flizzow made an epic comeback with the release of his album Havoc! Consisting of 14 songs, all in Malay bt dubs, Havoc features songs that were mainly recorded at Joe’s own studio over a period of 2 years. Tearing up the hip hop scene in Malaysia once again, Hype.My must say it’s great to have Joe back to stir up some “havoc”!

3. Kanye West — Yeezus


Hate all you want, but Kanye is brilliant and he knows it. The man is one of the best rappers out there. Brief, spare, nasty and bitter, Yeezus is raw and well, simply powerful.

2. Jay Z — Magna Carta Holy Grail


Mr. Carter aka Jay Z has got it all. He’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s popular, he’s loved by all, he’s multitalented and he’s married to Beyoncé.  This year, the rapper shows who’s boss by releasing his twelfth studio album that features sixteen amazing tracks. Personal favourites are Tom Ford, Holy Grail and Jay Z Blue.

1. Beyoncé — Beyoncé


And it is of course to no surprise that Queen B is our champion in this category. Bey dropped her album by surprise on December 13th, 2013 and it features collaborations with hubby Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean and her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy. Her self titled album makes for her fifth studio album and sold 828,773 copies in its first weekend. Bey is set to grabbed the number #1 spot with her album Beyoncé on the album chart for the third consecutive week making this her longest running number #1 album to date.


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