Twerking. Grinding. Girl-on-girl kissing. 2013 saw K-pop videos sexed things up more than ever!

Rather than letting it all hang out, K-pop has generally been about teasing audiences by skewing in a cuter direction as compared to a raunchy one. 2013 however, saw a rebirth of K-pop as these stars went from cute to sexy, making this year it’s sexiest to date. From choreography that made fans weak at the knees to highlighting the idol’s best assets and to the scenes that upped its raciness while maintaining its stars’ self-respect, K-pop sure gained a bigger and wider global fan base this year.

End your 2013 with these top 5 sexiest K-pop videos of the year. The videos below are in order from 5 to 1.


5. Psy — Gentleman

If you’re thinking that the Hype Malaysia team has lost their minds by picking this video, you’re wrong. We’re not looking at Psy in this video. We are however looking at his co-star, Ga In of girl group Brown Eyed Girls. From showing off her curves with the right outfits to her suggestive dinner manners and her leading the subtle hip-swinging dance move, Ga In was the real boost that helped Psy’s viral nature get risqué in 2013.

4. Sistar 19 — Gone Not Around Any Longer

Hyorin and Bora of SISTAR teamed up as the Sistar19  duo for this gloomy, jazz-pop track that is accompanied by an equally sensual video. From singing in sleepwear to dressing in curve hugging outfits and performing suggestive choreography like grinding on top of a clear table, they’ve definitely got viewers weak in the knees.

3. 2PM — A.D.T.O.Y


As always, the 2PM boys never fails to get girl fans falling head over heels for them. A.D.T.O.Y has got to be one of the boy band’s sexiest and most arousing boy band video this year. Some of the boys are looking absolutely dapper in their dress shirts while some are devoid of shirts entirely. 2PM increased heart palpitations even more with their complex chair dance routine and by shaking their butts at the camera.

2. Girl’s Day — Female President

K-pop’s sexiness exploded as Girl’s Day garnered a wind of popularity by trading their cutesy image for a strong, sexually-charged feel on singles like Female President. The girls owned their sexiness with this video as they teased viewers by taking off their clothes behind silhouette screens. Oh and a girl-on-girl between Minah and Hyeri scored them the highest-charting single on the K-Pop Hot 100 to date.

1. After School — First Love

Pole dancing has always been associated as a sleazy dance tactic, but the girls of After School kicks that stereotype to the bucket by proving that sexiness is and can require genuine, bona fide skills. These gorgeous girls highlight the athleticism required to pole dance and BAM!, they look absolutely banging while doing so! Shots of the girls singing and looking vulnerable, some topless is a definite plus in seducing viewers – them sashaying up and down the poles is simply, icing on the cake.


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