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So the Hype.My team got treated to an exclusive cocktails mixing session with Keith Nair, courtesy of Guinness yesterday. At the session, we learned to make three different types of Guinness Christmas Cocktails that we believe will make your Christmas a little merrier than it’s supposed to be!


Created by Keith Nair, renowned mixologist and GAB Professional Solutions Managers, these three cocktails — Frozen Guinness Eggnog, Berry Velvet Christmas and Irish Winter Mist are perfect for Christmas soirée that’s made of more. Enjoying the sound of it? The recipes below is your guide to the perfect Christmas cocktail. Enjoy!


Frozen GUINNESS® Eggnog

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You will need: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout reduction, eggnog mixture.

Method: Shake with ice and strain over crushed ice

Glassware: Goblet / sling

Garnish: Nutmeg dusting, cinnamon stick


Tasting Notes: Full bodied, custard like sweetness with a dark chocolate aftertaste

Berry Velvet Christmas

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You will need: blackberries, simple syrup, crème de cassis, Smirnoff red.

Method: Muddle blackberries with crème de cassis. Pour in remaining ingredients and shake well. Strain over crushed ice and layered with GFES.

Glassware: Champagne flute

Garnish: Speared blackberries

Tasting Notes: Fruity mouth feel with a short aftertaste

Irish Winter Mist

Signature Style 2

You will need: Hazelnut syrup, JW Black Label, sage leaf, Topped with 60ml Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Method: Bruise sage leaf and drop into glass. Stir in ingredients 1 & 2 and fill with ice. Layered with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

Glassware: Old fashioned / rocks

Garnish: Sage leaf

Tasting Notes: Has a Nutty undertone with a bittersweet aftertaste.

P.S. We recommend the Irish Winter Mist as the opening drinks of the evening, the Berry Velvet Christmas as an ongoing all night long drink and the Frozen Guinness Eggnog as final and closing drink.

Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone!

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