Deadmau5 has got your back!


Mouse-helmet wearing DJ, Joel Thomas Zimmerman who goes by the alias Deadmau5 who is also known for his rants and no f*cks given attitude on Twitter has taken it the social networking site to rage against steep ticket prices for his upcoming gig in Canada. The DJ called out the venue for throwing him “under the bus” for the ticket prices ($100) his upcoming show which is scheduled at the New City Gas venue in Montreal on January 3rd, 2014.


Deadmau5 slammed the venue on Twitter for the heavy price tags, which he says he was unaware of. Deadmau5 posted a tweet to New City Gas saying, “nice ticket prices… didn’t I do a full production / cube show in MTL for 50$ once? yeah. thanks for throwing me under the bus.”

As tickets went on sale for the Unhooked show, fans shared their disapproval of the prices and Deadmau5 assured fans and followers that he was working on it, tweeting, “my apologies MTL. ill fix this. Im just as pissed as you are. Dont worry horde, were fixing this, a serious mistake was made,” continued Deadmau5.

It was not long after that Deadmau5 announced that the ticket prices had been reduced by half and that he was adding an extra show to the run of dates. “Okay MTL, here we go! tix are now 50$. AND imma do 2 shows for you. 😀 okie? thanks to @newgascity for working this out with me 😀 <3 MTL,” he tweeted.

Deadmau5 certainly managed to keep fans happy!


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