Bey sends a message with her Pretty Hurts video!


Mrs. Carter shows off her trimmed waist as she plays a pill-popping beauty queen in her music video for Pretty Hurts, the first track of her just-released album! The video shows Beyoncé as a beauty queen who’s picked apart by pageant judges and trainers, she’s told she weights too much and she puts on a false smile on stage while she pops pills after-hours and watches her fellow contestants eat cotton balls to maintain a level of skinniness.


Beyoncé sends out a very clear message as the lyrics go:

Mama said, you’re a pretty girl / What’s in your head it doesn’t matter / Brush your hair, fix your teeth / What you wear is all that matters … Pretty hurts / Shine the light on whatever’s worse / Perfection is the disease of a nation / Pretty hurts / Shine the light on whatever’s worse / Try’na fix something / But you can’t fix what you can’t see / It’s the soul that needs the surgery.


Hype.My would like to thank and praise Beyoncé for her efforts to get people to stop determining the valur of female celebrities, and women in general by their body size and typical beauty.

Check out the video for Pretty Hurts here:

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