Spoiler Alert! If you’ve not watched Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, do not read the following article. Read at your own risk!


Family Guy sparked an outcry from fans when the series killed off the fan favourite dog, Brian last month. Brian who was in every episode of the Fox animated hit 11-season run was killed off when he was hit by a car in the November 24th episode. That devastating episode stunned fans and led to a petition against his death, of course whispers of Brian’s resurrection followed soon after his death and tonight’s Christmas episode finally unveiled Brian’s fate once and for all.


Brian Griffin is baaaaack!!

That’s right, you heard it! Brian is back from the dead after being resurrected by Stewie, whose only wish for Christmas was to get his best friend back. We shall no go into details as to how Brian was brought back to life but it was without a doubt, a Christmas miracle!

If you’ve watched this episode of Family Guy and if you were shocked by Brian’s resurrection sound off in the comments!


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